What Is A Webmaster?

Wizard develops and maintains websites for small businesses and not-for-profits.

An outsourced webmaster is generally responsible for:

  • Overseeing & implementing updates to the website
  • Creating and posting new content and pages as needed
  • Updating databases and tables that contain information presented on the website

A webmaster should have the ability to understand an established platform and use existing style guides, when available.

If the webmaster is responsible for creating and updating web pages, s/he should have a solid understanding of HTML as well as CSS.

A webmaster may have some or all of these skills:

  • Web design - If the webmaster isn't a designer, then s/he must be able and willing to work with your designers and content creators to deliver web pages.
  • Web developer/coder - Many developers work with one or more scripting languages such as JavaScript, PHP, vbscript
  • Database maintenance, where appropriate
  • Database design & implementation, where appropriate
  • Shopping cart implementation